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         Dean Crutchfield

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This ministry was begun in 1967 by Dean Crutchfield of Murray, Kentucky. He began working in India and other nations in that region of the world, naming the work “India / Burma Evangelism.”

      J.C. Bailey

He began working in co-ordination with brother J.C. Bailey in order to learn the mission and become proficient in this work. After a short training period, brother Bailey gave Dean the responsibility for several projects in southern India, launching Dean on the work we now know as the Church of Christ India Fund, although we also have work in other far-east and north Pacific nations.

Brother Dean coordinated this work, expanding it little by little over the years until 2017, when he had to retire because of his and his wife’s (Mary) health issues. He turned the work over to his long-time friend and co-worker, Dale Foster of Houston, Texas.

It was at this time also that the elders of the Green Plain Church of Christ in Murray, Kentucky asked the elders of the Jersey Village Church of Christ in Houston, Texas to become the sponsors of this work.

Having overseen the work since Dean began, the Green Plain elders decided to give up this sponsorship because of the decline in the size of their congregation and the fact that their eldership now has only two elders. Their commitment to this work has not declined in the least. They remain very generous contributors to the Church of Christ India Fund.

Dale Foster, working under Jersey Village coordinated this work, bringing David “Tud” Nance on in 2018 after Dean passed to his reward. In May of 2020 Dale Foster retired, turning over the co-ordination of this work to Dave Nance who is our day-to-day coordinator.

Along with Dave, his daughter Rachel works with us. She handles Dave’s appointments and schedule, is responsible for our communications, handles our website development and design. She also coordinates the Translatable Bible Studies development.

This is one of the largest works in India and nearby nations in our brotherhood. We hope that you will consider becoming a supporting member of our team! And please add us to your regular prayer list!